Favorite Eye shadow Primer

Miss Ava Marie

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I've used MAC's paint's and a million other primer's and hand's down Urban Decay Primer Potion.. I promise you will not be disappointed


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laura mercier eye basic in flax.
it convinced me absolutely when i had it underneath a really strong bold eye with dark colours and i had to drive for 2 hours in a hot car (hot and sweaty summer day).
my whole face was full of sweat, messy, shiny and oily, but the eyeshadow didnt move a single inch, there even was no creasing smiles.gif
i couldnt believe it greengrin.gif


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I love my MAC paint pot in painterly and also Urban Decay's Primer Potion but I got a free sample of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and have used it the past two days and love it.

I actually wanted to tone down the eyeshadow I put on this morning but when I tried to wipe some off with a cotton ball, nothing came off! That stuff really works

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