Favorite Hair Products!

I like fekkai's olive oil leave in treatment, l'oreal shampoo and conditioner w/o sulfates, aaand fekkai has a good dry shampoo too
Hair straightener is my favorite hair product as this helps me to look beautiful in different way. Lastly time, I purchase this from Amazon.com of around $15 but I am not satisfy with this, it was very hard to use and also not much comfortable. Yesterday, one of my close friend recommend me to shop from expertentesten.com. This is new website for me to shop No doubt they offers a great deal on its products but I want your all opinion about this. Is there anyone have personal experience of shopping from this site? Plz explain all your feedbacks which helps me also.


Bump! Great thread indeed!
I'm fond of Aveda products, especially this volumizing shampoo.
I also love Dove's nourishing conditioner. I've tried a lot of it's products, but this is the only one which worked best for me. Thanks to Monica's blog for this advice.


Wow so much info on here
Ok, I like yves rocher purity shampoo as its light weight, cheap and cheerful.
I also use vinegar and water mix with some rose water and sidr leaves combine with black seed oil for cleansing my scalp as I stay away from shampoo alot.

I use MastoorA hair butter instead of conditioner which is a shea butter base for restoring hair and heavily hydrating.

Before straightening I also use the hair butter and if I'm just doing up styles I use water and glycerin in a spray bottle lol