Finally pink cheeks!...and new hair


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Makeup: Select SPF15 in NW20, Medium MSF, Shimpagne MSF on cheeks, Blacktrack fluidline, Chanel Cils a Cils mascara in noir, Pure Vanity lipglass and Benefit browzings.


Makeup: Select SPF15 in NW20, Medium MSF, Pink matte pigment on cheeks, pinked mauve pigment on eyes, Phloof! on highbrow, Blacktrack fluidline, Chanel cils a cils mascara in noir, Benefit Browzings, Viva Galm VI lipglass.

Before I couldn't pull off pink cheeks as the colouring of my hair just made it look blah, however, with darker hair I can finally get my pink flushed cheeks


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Originally Posted by ebonyannette
I love the pink!!!!!!!! I like it way better !

THank you *grin*

I am just over the moon I can have pink flushed cheeks. I was getting so bored of peach or golden colours.

It's pink, it really is pink lol.


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LOVE LOV ELOVE the new hair.

And your makeup is fab as always.


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wow, your hair is completely different! but in a good way ;]. i like the both the looks too. pretty natural and hot red l/s! and then the pretty pinks! beautiful


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When i saw the pic on Lush forum i was just thinking how lovely the blush colour looks! Like i said there, the whole new look is great!
How could i recreate that blush colour with a normal blush?


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your hair looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! i'm afraid to have dark hair (been a blonde my whole life) but looking at you, i wish i had dark hair!! looks so shiny and healthy. very nice!