First Ever Empty MAC Lipstick


Haven't finished one yet but the first in lone would have to be "twig" the very first mac lipstick I bought


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Haven't finished any lipstick yet cause I have so many! But I just emptied my MAC l/g in Partial to Pink couple of months ago. I had it since 2009!


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Fanfare. Just bought a second tube. Cosmo is almost finished too (1st tube) ... I usually wear bright / dark lips but when I choose a more toned down l/s these are usually the ones I reach for.


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Haven't finished one yet since I try to use them all equally. But still my RiRi Woo is already halfway gone


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First one I finished was Strawbaby I have a BU but I'm too scared to use it because I blew through the first one. I usually like gloss and just use lipstick occasionally but recently I'm obsessed with lipstick and use SiS and Peachstock obsessively