FOTD on my Daughter....


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My Daughter is in 10th grade but was asked to go to the JR. Prom... I did her make-up. Face-Mac NW400, A touch of Iridescent powder Golden Bronze, Eye's Plaine black eyeliner, Mac Cream Colour Base on lids with new DeckChair pigment & a touch of new Mac D'Bohemia. Lips- Oh Baby
She's only 15 so I didn't want to over do it
The Deckchair with the D'Bohemia in the crease made her eyes really stand out but in the pictures ya can hardly see it
Guess light wasn't that great!



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I know her lashes are the longest I've ever seen... I keep telling her she really could get away without using mascara but ya know she's young & must/wants to use it all lol.


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Originally Posted by glittergoddess27
Very nice! I wish I had a makeup savvy mom to do mine went I went to Jr. Prom!

Me too! My mum did the opposite and kept plastering crap on. Ugh.


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she looks so pretty!! and detto everyone else - I wish my mum could have done such an awesome job in applying make-up ... mine was never into it, and nowadays I'm doing hers ;-)