Foundation for dry, sensitive skin


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hey all. i'm looking for a foundation to use on my sis for her grad photo. so, i know that spf tends to shine in photographs, so i know to avoid that. but she's got extremely sensitive and dry skin. i know mineral makeup tends to sit in dry patches of skin.... she doesn't normally wear much makeup and we're going for a natural look. thnx for all your help!


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You can always put lotion on her face before you put mineral makeup on. I would recommend everyday minerals in the original glow formula. It is natural and light weight. I can't really help you with a good liquid foundation because I need a lot of coverage so I use heavy stuff. I heard that the giorgio armani fabric foundation was good and light.


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I have very sensitive skin and for full coverage I use MUFE Face and Body Makeup (liquid), then apply Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup over it. Neither has SPF and UD isn't supposed to have mica so no shinies. If she has dry patches, the problem's a little more serious than foundation though... can you get her to do a gentle exfoliation and get her on a good moisturizer before the grad photo?

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