foundation help please.


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ok, so I went back to sephora to check our MUFE foundations. previously they made 2 samples for me, one HD foundation #153 and the F&B one but didn't write the shade #. the SA made me another sample - this time picking F&B Natural Beige 3 which is described for medium skin with pink undertones.

the thing is i don't think i have pink undertones. i've been using Prescriptives Virtual Skin on and off for years and have always been Real Beige which is yellow/orange aka golden undertones.

F&B #3 looked good in the store lighting, but i came home, washed my face and swiped it onto the lower part of my face. and the unknown color on the upper part. i think #3 is definitely too pink for me. i didn't blend them well at all so you can really see then on me.

can i get help? which color do you think works best for me?

sorry small pic. i cropped most of my face off b/c i look crappy and i guess it made the pic super small. i'm guessing that the top shade might be honey beige 34 or camel 18. not sure at all though.




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I am not sure any of these shades are good for you since they stand out on your face a lot - you know you've chosen the right foundation when you apply it and it looks invisible - or like it's disappeared because it matches your skin tone perfectly.


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^^i agree...I'd try 24 or 6. The bottom one is too pink, but I think it's closer in color depth...the top one just looks...muddy.

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