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Full-face WEDDING MAKEUP tutorial plus Contour like a PRO


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Follow my step-by-step full-face WEDDING MAKEUP tutorial. This bridal makeup features a gorgeous orange rose gold eye makeup easy to recreate. Furthermore, don’t miss tips and tricks learned from the Lipsticknick masterclass in London!!! Especially, DON'T MISS HOW TO CONTOUR LIKE A PROThis wedding makeup look was requested by one of my followers for herself and for her bestie (the bride to be). I was so happy when she contacted me and at the same time so nervous! I’m satisfied about the result and I hope you will love it too. If you recreate my looks, send me pictures!!!! knowing that my tutorials are inspiring and recreated makes me full of joy.

<font color="#111111"><span style="font-family: Roboto">[video=youtube;7K6Y58KJDtQ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K6Y58KJDtQ&t=1s[/video]

Thank you,XoxoFrankie
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