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I purchased the AU FIL DE L'EAU eyeshadow palette and MIROIR D'EAU gloss lumière thing. Not impressed with the last one. I was hoping it would be something like Edward Bess 01 Sunlight but it's not. I used it (granted, was already dark and my light in the bathroom isn't that great) on my eyes (on top of the eyeshadow), my cheek and my lips. Didn't do anything for me. Plus when I turn it over it's kind of duo chrome which I don't like.

This is my fault btw, should have known not to buy cream Chanel anything :p
From what I can see from the eyeshadow palette I really liked it upon first application - but it was over my already existing eyeshadow so don't know how well it builds up if you start from nothing.

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