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I was gifted an Eclat Lumiere Highlighter Face Pen a couple of months ago, and since then I'm so fascinated with it. It's an antioxidant Vitamin C derivative, with a luminous satiny finish, and has the perfect correcting pigment. I use the beige rose shade for my skin tone and it blends so well.


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Again, glitter in the collection, the highlighter and the Halo lipstick both have micro glitter. I'm on the fence with the highlighter. For some reason on me it comes across almost a little patchy??:( When I blend it's like it disappears and only tiny sparkles left:( I've been testing it for the last three days hoping I will fall in love, like I did with the eyeshadow palette from the last collection.

I've moved on to mostly liquid highlighters anyway but I still love the Chanel Plisse Lumiere highlighter. I think I was hoping this would be similar but better.


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Has anyone heard anything about the new Les Beiges foundation? I think it’s possibly coming out with the Cruise collection around June?


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