Getting a RESTRAINING ORDER on roommate

Beauty Mark

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If you are looking for roommates, interview the hell out of them.

Another option is to get a studio apartment. Small but the only person you have to deal with is you.


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OMG hun I just read the whole thread and got seriously worried. I know me worrying doesn't help you one bit, but I am shocked how those two girls treat you, and I'm glad you're actually dealing with it so well. You must be strong, otherwise you'd be in a mental institution already. You probably feel the consequences of it all, but you're seriously doing so well. Oh I wish it all works out for the best, I wish you get a new place away from those two horrible bi*ches and start leading a normal life again.
Please come back soon and tell us everything worked out. We've got a big house and I'd offer you a big room here, but unfortunately I live in Europe in Slovenia!!


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I keep checking this thread hoping that the tide has turned for the better. :-(

Hope you are hanging in there OK.



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Came across this in my RSS feed of random sites and thought maybe you might get something useful out of the Archangel angle. no pun intended, and I don't want to offend any religion you may/may not be a part of. Anyway, for what it's worth, couldn't hurt.

Letter from Michael

Hope you get a resolution (and a damn good one for all the crap you're going through) soon!


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I finally have time to update. That's only because I'm at up at 5:30 a.m. with a stomache ache from all the stress, but whatev.

So, she had gotten a lawyer as well and since I was already feeling like shit from my non-profit lawyer and accidently filing wrong, I decided I was going to drop the restraining order. So yesterday we dropped it. But, I wanted to re-file as a harassment but we haven't yet and at this point mom and I are so fed up with the situation and how many times shes violated that we feel a restraining order apparently means jack shit. Which is even scarier for physical abuse cases.

So we dropped the TRO yesterday and I've found some dude to sublet my room. It sucks because my room is gorgeous and my favorite part of the house, but I'll live with it. I was barely there to miss it too much. Of course now we have the stress of paying for movers and whatnot to get my stuff out on Saturday. I am paid through the end of September, but I told the guy subletting he could move in on Saturday since he's giving me my $533 deposit and 1/2 month's rent so I'll walk out with about $800 before paying for moving services.

I am so stressed because some stuff has been going on with my job as well. I want to quit it. I love my job, but not the people there. I know it'll be hard to find another well paying job though. I make $11/hr at the law office, so yeah...

We've been looking at apts. for the past 4 or 5 days and haven't found anything that great. There is a 3 BR that is 1325/month but she wants 2000 security which is ridiculous and not possible financially for me right now without having roommates. The plan is kind of to find a place and pay for stuff and then find roommates. We did find another place last night, willing to work with us too, for 1,100 a month and it's 4br. The only problem is one of the 4br has to be made into the living room area b/c it's an upper of a house and the 4 br and bath are on the first floor when you walk in (kind of wierd set up) and then up the stairs is the 1/2 bathroom and kitchen area. It reminds me of a NYC loft. It's alright, I guess. I like that it's all new and remodeled since I'm picky about where I live... I dunno.

As far as chickabitch and poco go, of course poco was my best friend this past weekend seeing as I had my friend come from up state and we were partying etc. So poco had to be a follower. Whatever. Love it how she didn't mention at all this past weekend that she had got supeaned too. Oh and then once I was home after staying there the weekend, then poco had the nerve to call me accusing my friend and I of "misplacing" or "stealing" her make-up. I went back to the house yesterday and it was RIGHT on the bathroom counter. Flippin idiot. Not to mention my friend is about 5 shades blacker than poco and I'm ghost white so why would we steal her powder foundation. I told her sorry I wear MAC and you know that. She didn't like that LOL! Then chickabitch as soon as we dropped the TRO she called me. I didn't answer as I knew it wouldn't be anything good. Then she texted saying "I hope you are going to pay me for my waffles and tequila and the electricity bill." Fat chance you cunt. LOL. I just didn't reply, but wtf? I didn't eat her waffles, didn't drink her tequila (which, there was like 1/2 inch left in the bottle but yeah I don't drink tequila) and I'm not paying for an electric bill I've barely contributed to. Thoguh I did make sure this weekend to leave lights on and blast the central air. Muahaha... Then she called again and I ignored it. If she keeps harassing me I'm going to either re-file or block her phone number, but obviously this b!tch will never learn. Ugggh..

So yeah idk I'm just sitting here completely depressed. I had such a good experience to look forward to and I still want it, just in a different house. Yet I can't find a good house and I want to quit my job. My school work is already behind from all of this sh!t as well and that's what needs to be my main focus... even if I don't meet people or have friends or go out for the next 6 months. It's just so hard.... I know we can't all be blessed and a lot of people have it worse then me, but I hate that my dad left me no money when he died. I hate that my mom and I live paycheck to paycheck and that I'll never be blessed enough to go to school w/o working for it via loans cuz my mom has had cancer more than once and her credit has been shot. Ughghgjdklgddgddffd I dunno

But yeah I'm happy to be getting away from chickabitch, that's about all I can say. I just feel like she has won and I'm causing my mom and I so much stress/financial issues... but it's truly NOt my fault and ugh so frustrating!


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I've just read the entire thread, and I'm relieved to hear everything, or mostly everything has worked out for you.

My advice is to not quit your job, or if you can work part time. Take your time to catch up with your work, even if it means letting go of some nights out. You don't want to let all this get to you, so just keep living your life like it was before all this shit happened.

+ loved how you managed to sneak some MAC talk in there : D

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I feel bad that things didn't turn out so great. I hope that you and your mother feel well soon.

FYI: Is it possible that you might be eligible SS from your father?

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It won't pay as well, but perhaps try to work at Starbucks or another coffee shop? I don't know if you'd like the people, but you'd at least be employed with others your age.

I would also try to talk to both your professors and the financial aid office at your school. Most professors will be understanding of your situation, and it's better that you approach them now vs. midterms or finals. The financial aid office may be able to work some miracles with money.

Seriously the best thing you can do for yourself is not think about those girls. If she's really going to harass you, refile the restraining order. If she already has begun, you did win. If she can't get on with her life now that you are no longer a part of it, she's a huge loser.


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LOL @ the MAC talk. 0 : )

Yeah chicka is a flippin loser STILL trying to get under my skin. I didn't drink her tequila and didn't eat her waffles... I did hand out her juices though which she failed to mention LOL! I really wish I could text her back and be like "Would you like me to pay for your juices too?" all sarcastic to piss her off but it's not worth it. I just want her to leave me alooonneee. She got the house so she thinks she won, that's fine. Not when poco and her party all the time and she flunks out of school. lol.

Ms. Z, as far as SS goes...I was only eligible for Social Security until I hit 18. I'm 19 now so that's a no go. My dad was in the service but not during an active time so unfortunately I don't get money to go to school for that... Gosh I wish. Actually, poco, if she applied for it, would get $800 a month if she was a full-time student cause her dad was in the service or some shiz as well.

Mmm, I think I might try being a nanny. I know I'm in HUGE trouble with my job for calling in the past four days, but it goes back to my anxiety. If I miss one day, I'm scared to go back the it keeps building up. I don't think Starbucks would pay enough lol like I said I need something around $11/hr and even that's truly not enough.

Thanks everyone for the support and overly kind words and attention. It means a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks babe!

I just keep getting kicked while I was down. I mean, I've been prescribed Xanax and Zoloft for all of this but I refuse to take medicine. I can't swallow pills and don't believe in masking my issues; no quams for people who do though, it's just not my thing. well anyways I've missed last thurs/fri (which I had 1.2 day scheduled) and this mon/tues of work... 4 days, a lot, I know but I don't really miss much AND I HAD A DOCTOR'S EXCUSE.... FOR ALL 4 DAYS.

Well, some of you know I've been contemplating quitting (long story but can't stand the white trash receptionists there) but of course I would have prefered to wait until I had another job. Well, not happening.

I got fired.

I got flippin' fired!!!!!!!!! My first and last time let me tell you. Okay, so get this. I called this morning saying that if I was coming in it wouldn't be until 1 because I had to get ANOTHER medicine due to me getting sick when I did try to take my others. Well, I specifically asked my boss where they stood if they thought I should just quit or whatever. She said, "Well are you still taking Monday's off at 4:30 p.m.?" and I said, "yes, it's for school..." (leaving 1/2 hr early, whoopee!) She said, "Okay, well just bring in your doctor's slip at 1. That's fine."

So I drive all the way there...and give her my slip and they call me in the attorney's office and tell me they are letting me go. WTF? They obviously decided that just today but funny thing is I have a doctor's slip so I don't think they can do that, especially as they gave me no reason/I signed no papers regarding it.... Yeaaah....

I'm not too upset about it. A bit ashamed, but I know it wasn't my fault. This law office wasn't ran great anyways. The receptionists call in drunk slurring their words, scream on phones to their bf's in jail, etc...and I get fired for legitimately being sick. WOW. lol.

But now with moving and all, it's a lot to handle. I've found a nice apt... definitely unique set-up but I like it and 1100 divided by 3 people (I'm interviewing guy roomies right now, 4 potentials!) will be probably around 450 when you add utilities. So I can actually work part-time now and afford it which is cool and focus on school even more. Also I might be able to collect unemployment for 26 weeks (already applied) and social security for my diagnosed anxiety.

Either way I'm finally going to be able to start focusing on SCHOOL, my main priority!!! And working part-time would definitely help with that yet still allow me to live on my own.

Thankfully I will be getting back the 533 + 266... so $800 from this Nate kid who is taking my room over, so I'll have plenty of money until I do find a job which won't be hard for me... never has been. knock on wood.

As far as moving out, we're going to hire a moving company for either Fri. night or Sat. morning, not sure yet...


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^ I am sorry you got fired but maybe it's a blessing in disguise because you've been going through a lot of crap lately (which isn't your fault). Now you can enjoy living out and focus on school without having to stress over your job.

Good luck doll. I really hope this whole mess would clear up soon so that you can move on with your life.


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even before i read when you wrote 'pray for me' i said to myself i will pray for her. I know it sounds cheesy but its true. I don't know you but i can tell you are a very honest and sweet person. If it was me...OooOo child...idk i would of had to prayed for the sake of keeping my fists away from her face. Honestly i cannot comprehend why shes being like sorry for the situation you are in. Hope everything works out. Dont even bother talking to her anymore, even if she does stupid pety things, shes obviously looking for a fight.


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Oh my, I just read this entire thread and Brittni big hugs petal!!

I'm so glad to hear you're finally out of such an awful situation. I've had to put a restraining order against someone once so I understand all the stress and anxiety you must have gone through.

The great thing is you've gotten out and you're moving forward. That nutcase thinks she's won but the thing is she'll wind up some drunken alcoholic loser with 6 kids to 5 different guys, on welfare, living in a dive while getting massive off eating waffles and drinking tequlia all day while you're walking around with your held held high kicking butt in some great job have an education, a spunky fella (hmm, sexy) and a MAC addiction buring a hole in your bank balance (like the rest of us). So while she thinks she's one (the delusional cow) it's you who will be the winner in the long term.

Now, go out and raid you're nearest MAC store, it's far better therapy than Zoloft anyday!!

Love and hugs you superwoman!!

P.S If you're curious about a Nanny career my sister is a super nanny and has her own website with massive forums filled with loads of advice on all things Nanny. Check it out it's Australian based but the info is still valuable.


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I, of course, have more updates to this drama-o-rama!

Currently have 2 interviews for new jobs, not at all worried about the money situation as a large financial aid/loan is on it's way to me.

However I went to sign the lease for my new place -- which is nicer than my old one!!! shocker!! -- and then I had spoke with Paul (LANDLORD) about the lease being tore up or whatever. He apparently has approved the new guy to move in with poco and chickabitch, but chickabitch is throwing a tantrum and won't give her okay for it. Straight out of poco's mouth, chickabitch's only reasoning is that "he's lame. he's not cute." She met him for FIVE MINUTES and then left "to go get alcohol" and never came back, he even said so. Ridiculous. That's just a scummy ass fucking bitch. Seriously...

So anyways she's doing all this to get under my skin. She wanted me gone, I'm willing to be gone -- why are you tying me to this lease asnd being difficult? Now I can't get MY money tommorow and move out b/c this kid can't move in yet. This is fucking RIDICULOUS. Also chickabitch answered poco's phone the other night and said "JUST SO YOU KNOW..."and I hung up, knew it was her.

Someone needs to beat this bitches ass. Badly...

Our lawyers AGREED I'd be able to move out and have someone move in my room this Saturday and she's going against it. I know we didn't sign anything though but it's just the point the bitch is being difficult just because she can.

Well, idiots poco and chcika are. Regardless if my name is on the lease, I'm NOT paying rent there.... so Paul (LANDLORD) can evict ALL of us then since they won't be able to afford 1600 between two people. That's 800 a piece.

Arhhhhgfgfkl sooo frustrating. Since chicka is at work 2nd-3rd shift tonight mom and I have plans of going up there at 6am tommorow and making lots of noises getting some more of my stuff. hehehe.


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I don't understand why chika has to be soo damn immature about the situation. It just really infuriates me how unwilling she is to resolve the matter and just let it go.
I mean she wanted you out, you got out, can't she just grow up and let things go and just sign the lease? What more does she want?? Does she want to get evicted and live on the street?

Some people just LIVE for the drama.


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^ Exactly. The more she does the more I'm convinced she truly is a psycho spaz... She just keeps doing anything to irritate me, like the text messages after I dropped the TRO, and now this crapola.

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