Glamour basics set, worth it?


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So im having a hard time deciding wether or not to get this set. The new price tag def dosent hurt my want for it.
Is Belightful worth it? I have Albatross from NARS and i pretty much love that. how does it compare?

and what is the brush like? Am i just better off buying the brush on my own??

Any feedback is great!! TIAAA


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Albatross is far better than belightful IMO ...I like much I have used it maybe 3x in the 6 months I have had it ... It's really sparkly ..I like the 181 it's a great lil kabuki....I do not have the SE version though


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I hate the IPP's. I have one from the Fafi collection "sassed up" and I never wear it.I havent swapped it because I love the compact. Its not like hightlight or shimmery glow ... It is CHUNKS of glitter. It would look pretty if you have a light hand or use it in a place other than your face. If you like glitter than it will be perfect for you.


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I agree with the above poster. IPPs are really chunky glitter. I own belightful and I use it, but only for certain occasions. I don't wear it often. It all depends on if you like chunky glitter...

Other than the IPP, I really like all of the other things in the set. Bare slimshine is FANTASTIC!