Good Makeup Refrence books?


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Ok, so I'm looking for some good makeup reference books but am having a hard time finding what I'm looking for since I can see inside the books from the internet

So I'm looking for a some that are more picture oriented, rather than instuctional. It can give how too's, but I'm mainly looking for through-the-years, inspirational pics blah blah blah haha

any ideas or recs?

I'd appreciate any help i can get
thanks guys!



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Thanks! I saw those, but they look like they have a lot of how to's and diagrams
what i really want is like a coffee table book with just pictures. for inspiration n all that good stuff

any other rec for me?
I want more than one


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Those books sound really good. What I do as well is any time I find a pic in a mag. I will tear it out..I have printed some pics from online as well and put them in a binder. I use those plastic sheets to put them in and that way if I want to try one look out I can take it with me without getting anything on it.


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Originally Posted by smith130
Francois Nars- Makeup your Mind

i didn't know he had a book out. i need to check that out. cool beans.
I've heard the Bobbi Brown is supposed to be good. I'm worried it might be a bit basic, any good books for more advanced looks?
I second the NARS - Make up your Mind book.
It's definitely fits your description better. It's less directional instead it has an overlay you put on the photos so you can see what he used and where.


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Thanks everyone!
I was curious about the NARS one because i saw it in the store but it was in some weird plastic thing i couldnt open