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Hey ladies! I recently began using google wallet to conduct transactions online. You can use app to send and receive money. It uses gmail, of course to alert the buyer or seller of a request or when funds are sent. As long as you use the app to send and receive the money there is no transaction fee. I try to keep a few funds on my google wallet so I can pay for things using the google wallet card and not sending my personal credit card to various sites. Another great thing about it is you can request a google card and use the money directly from your google wallet account anywhere as it is a mastercard. If you use a credit card to pay for things while using google wallet directly, the 2.9% fee applies. However, if you load funds to your google wallet account transactions are free. I thought this would be an excellent way to help reduce the extra cost associated with using paypal. I know for me, sometimes all the fees and the shipping cost push great deals out of my reach. I want to save myself and others money anyway I can.
I am including a link so that you all can check it out. Remember this is only a suggestion and I hope I helped someone.
If, by chance this is being posted in the wrong area please move it or direct me as to where it would be better served.

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