Goth look?


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Hi all,

For Halloween I am going to be a goth girl. Can anyone help me with application/colors?



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use a foundation that's at least 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, and don't forget to apply it too in your neck, or else you look like a clown wiothout it's costume!

make your lips red, and use a liner that's slightly deeper/darker than the lipstick. don't do black lips, that'll make you look ill, and it makes you lips shrink(and noone will be interested in kissing you, lol)

for the eyes:
you can do a liquid eyeliner on the upper lashes and make a curly 'drawing of some signs next to the eye,
make a real over the top black smokey eye.

good luck and show some pics if possible!!
xxx Sanne

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