Grease: You're The One That I Want


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I am such a musical nut.. and I love this show!! I don't know if anyone else is watching it.. I just wanted to see if I wasn't the only one


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I love this show too! I think it is such a good idea. I am not sure how many others are watching but I am hooked!
I hope that this show takes off and they do it with other musicals.

Chic 2k6

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I've been to Grease: You're The One I Want, November 2006. it was seriously wicked and also hilarious, one of the set guys got a set stuck (showers) with two guys inside and the whole audience could see him hanging off the set tryna move it *chuckles* the T-Birds had to do some improvising haha.

i saw it as well bout 5 years ago i think, still wicked though

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