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Green glittery eyes (with false lashes)


Hi everyone,

I did these eyes a while ago and wanted to show it to you.


I started with a clean face on which I used SkinCeuticals - Serum 20 AOX I love this stuff, 4 drops do my skin a lot of good. It neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature signs of aging. Over this I used Shiseido - The Skincare - Day Moisture Protection this is a great moisturizer for this winter. On my eyes I use my trusty is Elizabeth Arden's PREVAGE Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment. This really keeps my eyes looking amazing!

It's sooooo snowey and cold outside. We have an old bench in the garden which now looks like this:
so moisturizing and prepping skin is very important.

To add another layer of protection I used a mixture of Smashbox Illuminating serum and YSL Teint Parfeit - Complexion Enhancer in no. 7. I didn't want a thick layer of foundation on my skin, it's looking very pretty on its own right now so the foundation is really to help with the red nose and cheeks (cold does that to my skin). I mixed one pump of the Make Up For Ever, HD Primer in 001 Neutral and one pump of Make Up For Ever, HD Foundation in 140 Soft Beige on the back of my hand and applied this with my favourite Dior Foundation brush. Under my eyes I used a little Laura Mercier, no. 3 Undercover Pot (applied with my hand) followed with a little of MUFE lift concealer using no. 1 Pink beige. I applied the MUFE concealer with my Smashbox - Crease Brush, I've seen Samantha Chapman use a similar brush for her concealer on her YouTube pixiwoo channel, so I wanted to try it. It does work very good, it blends immediately, but the brush does eat the concealer. To set all of this on my face so far I used my new and TREASURED Illamasqua - Powder Brush with Make Up For Ever - HD Powder. I have not found one bad thing about these Illamasqua brushes, they're soft and don't shed and have an amazing weight and density and seriously I love these!

I didn't use Urban Decay's Primer Potion to prime my eyes, simply because I'm using a Make Up For Ever Flash colour as a base, using this over UD's PP looks horrible, so I don't use a cream colour base over eyeshadow primer anymore. I used the green from the Make Up For Ever - Flash Colour Case using my fingers to place most of the colour at the lash-line and blending it up to the crease.

I then took my three favourite green eyeshadows (all Urban Decay colours - From left to right: Mildew - Absinthe - Protest) Absinthe and Protest only come on the First Urban Decay - Book of Shadows (I also own Volume II):

This look really needs to be blended well to have it look amazing, so I used 4 brushes to blend these colours perfectly. The brushes I used are (from top to bottom Sephora - Pointy dome brush, Smashbox - no. 4 Concealer brush (which I don't always use for concealer), Illamasqua - Blending Brush no. 1 and Laura Mercier - Angled Eye Colour Brush):

I started with the Smashbox brush to place Absinthe all over my lid. Many guru's online tell you to blend later on in the makeup process, but I like to blend as much as possible when applying makeup. So after patting the colour to the lid (up to the crease) I turned my brush about 90 degrees and I blended the edges of the shadow.

As you can see I brought the eyeshadow a little on the bottom of the inner corner as well, staying away from the rest of the lower lash-line.
I then took Protest and the Sephora brush to apply this to the crease and very little to the outer corner. I blended this with the clean Laura Mercier brush.

To finish the blending I used the Laura Mercier brush with Mildew to blend the colour up a little more and then used the Illamasqua brush with the lower left colour on this Givenchy Prismissime Mat & Glow palette to blend from the brow down.

My eye now looks like this:

As you can see, the many greens together give a little extra life to an eye that would have been just green if I hadn't done this.
Because it's almost Christmas, I wanted to add some mini glitter. I used MUFE - Mist & Fix spray to attach my glitter on my eyes. The glitter I used is safe for your eyes and is called Effect Glitter in Pine Green.

I used the Smashbox brush again to place the glitter on my eyes. Many people have trouble with fallout and I can honestly tell you that I didn't have to take any glitter away from under my eyes, there was no fallout. How did I achieve this? I sprayed one eye and then I very lightly pressed the tip (on one side) in the glitter and then tapped the access off twice with my index finger. I then pressed most of the glitter on the inner half of my eye, don't do anything else but pressing motions. Yes, tapping of twice means you have to go back 4 times before you get the half of your eye glittered, but it also means no parts with a lot of glitter and no cleanup afterwards. Use what is left on your brush at the end to blend it out to the outer corner (still pressing the glitter on the eye). Then spray your other eye and do the same to that eye.
The Smashbox concealer brush is perfect for this because it holds on to the glitter very well and it's still dense enough to ensure you can get all the glitter out of the brush when cleaning it.

I then took my Stila - Smudge Pot in Jet Black and a brand-less thin eyeliner brush to draw a thin line on the top of my eyelid. This is to hide the lash-band of the falsies I'm going to place on my eyes. Then I curled my lashes (Shu Uemura - Eyelash Curler) and used a mini Benefit - BadGal mascara in black. I do mascara before applying lashes because I want to reuse these lashes.

The lashes I'm loving right now are these Nicola Roberts lashes by eylure. I used Duo lash glue to apply them because this glue works wonders.

Once on my eyes are finished and look like this:



If you love this look enough to try and copy it, please send me a picture of your finished eye, I'd love to see how your eyes look after this tutorial.


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idk if you know this but you have some of the most wonderful eyebrows in the world. also, nice tutorial.
i dig those lashes!

Miss Lore

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really pretty look. im obsessed with the nicola lashes!!! if they ever stop making them i will be a lost woman!!!

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