Guerlain Loose Kohl ???


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Isn't this the stuff Angelina Jolie supposedly wears for her "smoked cat eyes"? I'd like to know too if it is worth it


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I had it and returned it.

It made my eyes burn, was messy and I just could NOT get it to work for me despite the youtube videos showing you how to use it, reading the instructions several times and trying several times. I couldn't get a good line just using the wand like a pencil (Western style in the directions) or get it on my waterline (Eastern style in the directions). It felt like I had just blown baby powder in my eyes.

Pretty colors and containers, but not worth it in my opinion.


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if u guys are only interested in the black kohl powder u should probably try out Hashmi Kohl (the powder one) Its a traditional middle eastern kohl very dark I love their kohl stick(kajal)


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I tried this on a visit to Sephora and did not have much success with it. First application was a little messy and got in my eyes. Once I got it applied I walked around the store for about an hour and noticed it wearing off on the outer corner of my eye which unfortuantely is pretty typical for me. However by the end of the night it was completely off. I get much better results with my Revlon Colorstay.

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thnx all of you so much !

where can i get the hashmi kohl?
im living in israel and its hard to get good stuff here


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I've been using it for years and have no trouble with it, I do get fallout but it's minimal and lasts a great deal in my waterline.

It does take a bit of practice and it's a love it or hate it product and I love it.

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