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I have the same haircut!! I'm a cosmetologist so it's alot easier to recognize what kind of cut it is. Tell her you want alot of layers, and you want them very short at the top - about 3-5 inches long, with longer layers on the bottom. My stylist cut my hair with scissors firtst (not at a straight line, but at an angle), and then she blew dry it and went through it with a razor to piece it up a bit.

Don't be afraid to go shorter than you think you should! It really can make the make-or-breaker to this cut, and it doesn't hinge on the difficulty of styling this haircut.

Good luck & take pictures when you get it!!!



Oh thank you! I mean, I've always brang in pictures before and they wouldn't even cut it near to what it looked like. Even I know that there is a billion layers in there, the stylists just looks at it for a sec and says, "Ok, about here?" asking where to TRIM my hair. And that's it.
Needless to say, I never went back there.

But MAYBE today I am going to a recomended salon for this haircut. I'll be sure to inform her of your tips!!!


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i got my hair cut like that yesterday (a little shorter though).
my stylist was super super easy to talk to and she made sure she knew exactly what i wanted before she did anything.
go someplace trendy and even though it may be a little more expensive, it's definitely worth it.


I'm going to this place where I know this lady who did my hair about six months ago. She was really enthusiastic and new what I was talking about, and I liked the way she cut my hair and styled it, but I never got it to look that way again, so I ended up just straighting it pin straight so the layers wouldn't flip out. (and I mean that in a bad way, not the cute way)

but anyways I think I'm gooing to go to her again. they charge 20 bucks a haircut and we live in a small town, sure I could go somewhere else but once I payed this lady 100+ to cut and color my hair and she was talking to her other clients and other people in the salon and ran off in the middle of foiling my hair to go talk to someone she reconized.

but the worst part is the highlights came out all wrong, she didn't put them in the way I asked her, (a few ones on top and larger ones showing through the bottoms, like avril lavignes old hair) instead she just gave me medium highlights all over my head, and the color was orange and I almost cried, so she toned it and it still looked just as bad.

so this time I'm going back to the cheap salon (20 dollar one) and going to see that lady that did my hair before, not the one that messed up on my coloring. and hopefully when my hair is so short and layered it can work with like pastes and hair sprays, because it's so thick that right now it just gets gunky and tacky if I try to put any of that stuff in.

when I get my hair cut you girls are going to have to help me with styling though! my only instincts are straightening and curling. lmao.

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