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What are some of your biggest frustrations with your hair? Anything from styling issues to texture issues or any product that is not working for you. I want to know. Thank you!


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Hi guys, I am desperately needing any help and advice. I ended up with all my hair in a massive knot - its extremely tangled and hard to touch ..... I used coconut oil ... then left it for couple of days without washing but due to the Corona madness I didn't care to comb it just had it in a messy bun - hence the knot...I'm trying for days now applying conditioner oils and all but the issue is that my hair is matted very tight I dont see where the bottom or the ends are ... is there anything I can try to relax it to separate it somehow... no comb or brush can go through . Please help. I did it out of laziness and I hope i can safe my hair as it is quite long .... i had the intention to nourish it and i destroyed it at the end.


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Were you trying to use coconut oil as a hair mask, or an overnight treatment, or...? And then you just forgot to wash it out after?

Maybe try soaking your hair in hot water (as hot as you can tolerate) and then attempt detangling (starting with your fingers). My thinking is, since coconut oil solidifies at a certain temperature, getting it to a liquid consistency using hot water may help. And if that happens to work, wash your hair (do it multiple times if you need to). Don't attempt a coconut oil treatment again for a while.


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Hi shellygrrl, thank you for your reply. I did soak my hair as you suggested and applied conditioner several times .... then I finally let it dry and applied detangling spray and more conditioner..... now that it dried I gently detangle 1 hair at a time and so far I'm optimistic that it might work and I might save a lot of my hair will keep you posted ... thanks again.

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