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I've been dying my hair since I was 15, by myself. Last year I went dark and now the color has faded and the greys are shining thru. My kids point them out to me all the time.
I need advice on how to remove the old haircolor/go back to my roots, so to speak, so I can start fresh &
re-color. Once I used X-tra strength Color Oops, but it didn't do much. I may get it done at a salon, but with my hair length it usually costs me at least $120!
any advice? please.


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can't really get permanent dye out of your can dye it as close to your natural color as you can get and let it grow out.....your choices are coloring over or stripping and dcoloring a different color....


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Colour oops will remove the dye, but it won't return you hair to its natural color. It will always be reddish. You can you colour oops, but you will need to dye over it in a colour close to your natural colour.

I would suggest going to a salon. yes it's expensive, but you can reallllyyy mess up your hair using colour removals at home. They are tricky, leave them to the professionals.

Also, theyre damaging on your hair, so youll need to do some treatments on it.

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