halloween 2006

Halloween 2006,
Click on pic, will get bigger.
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Sorry picture is from many hours and many drinks later.
On me (Corpse Bride)
I used clear sky blue chromacake, and face and body mixing medium as a base, invisible set powder.
Deep Truth, Dark Soul, Azreal Blue (ltd), #3 lashes top, #7 lashes bottom.
Contoured with Deep Truth, Highlighted with Azreal Blue, other cheek has skeleton and teeth.
Lips: Pink Nouveau.
Also skeleton arm and leg (not showing) same as below.

On him: Skeleton
I used pure white, and black black chromacake ,engraved and duck power point pencils, blacktrack fluidline, print eyeshadow.

Any ideas for this halloween?


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From what I can see, the costumes are fantastic. The picture came up really tiny on my screen.

That's the kind of Halloween outfit I like. Personally,
I go for the looking spooky and unrecognizable Halloween outfits. I don't want to even remotely look like me.
I can't wait for Halloween, I had the opportunity to do makeup for a friend for a special event today.
I used Basic Red Chromacake, with Alcohol Mixing Medium as a base.
Blacktrack fluidline, Beauty Marked and Smut for contouring.
Chrome Yellow and Rule to highlight.
Nice and simple, but I still can't figure out what I should be????
Sorry only a cell phone pic.
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