Has anyone seen this before?


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I haven't ever seen these colours before, and I have no idea if they are real or fake, or discontinued? Any info would be appreciated




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There isn't enough hard evidence in the photographs but I'd say that it's beyond belief that all the colour name stickers have fallen off the bottom of seventeen jars being sold. The colour names "Passion Love" and "Violet Crush" also do not exist among current or discontinued M·A·C collections although "Softwash Grey" which is also being sold without labels by the same vendor does. Softwash Grey is an LE shade and it's very suspicious that the vendor still has eleven of these left for sale.

There is one French makeup website where a poster mentions that she has just purchased "Passion Love" which her friend assures her is from an as yet unreleased M·A·C colour story but I find that far fetched! You can read her post here (in French)

I'd say they were fake.


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Here's the very loose translation from that french language message board. site:

"I have just received 3 pigments, my friend said to me that they come
from a collection not marketed yet (which?) - will sakura (pink) -
passion love(bourgogne)
- tear drops(beige) I cannot décrireles colors well because it grows
dark and I did not test them yet.

beside each name he is written between brackets WN, I do not know what
Ca means."

I'm assuming it means Working Name and the Ca means Canada?

I also checked back in the auction description:
"Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Pigment comes in an excellent range of colours. Use to create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Pigment does not streak or cake, is easy to blend and long-lasting. 2.5g / .08 oz"

I seem to remember that there were a series of fake piggies around a while back that had these same incorrect weights on them. Wait a minute here it is, including, (surprise, surprise) a link to the fake All-Girl pigments seller. They must have made their way to another eBay seller. Ah, the circle of fakery.


And it's from the uk
And it's way too cheap
I imagine the seller removed them from the boxes to prevent people from seeing the info on the boxes, but took the info. from the box.
So my conclusion, definitely fake.

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