has anyone tried Revlon Bare It All?


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I have some bare it all powder.....i don't like it....it is very shimmery which I don't like for my face. I am sure to some ppl thats great but not for me


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I have a tube, it is decent, it does not have the heavy rosy scent of the old one. The new packaging is more sleek and modern. The texture is more smooth, the finish on skin is more natural and glowy.


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I got both the powder ( honestly? partially because of the packaging >_> ) and the tube, both in Buff Love ( in the powder it's 240 and tube is 360 ).

The powder's pretty much a huge hit and miss for me :| it looks nice in the tub, smooth and quite shiny; well, it's incredibly shiny. It goes on looking really, really glittery, defintely more like a pigment than a face powder. I tried mixing a very tiny portion in with my loose face powder, which is a soft matte, and it added a touch of sheen, which I'm enjoying.

The TUBE! I adore the tube. I use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, and as an all over shimmer on my neck and cheekbones; it pumps out smooth and creamy, and goes on beautifully sheer, leaving a pearly, silky glow. I'm gonna stock up before they D/C this one


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I have these too in Buff Love. The powder is way to spakrley for the face but can give some shimmer on collar bones or whatnot for going out. I like the lotion although I have only used it once.


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How does Bare it All compare to MAC pearlizer in terms of quality and easy of use?

I bought 4 of them (buy 2 get 2 free) at ULTA and can't decide whether to keep them or return them!

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