have any of you read or seen what colour pink used to


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create her pink hair? tia!



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The brands, in order of quality, that make vegetable hair dyes which yield the various bright colors are:
Special Effects
Manic Panic
Punky Colors

All make a variety of pink shades, and have very similar color ranges.

I'd suggest Special Effects Atomic Pink, for the shade of pink that she has.


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Punky Color is okay..I've used pink flamingo and it is really bright, it only last vibrantly for a few days then fades out. I have dark blonde hair and the color stayed with it faintly for awhile. Its good if you don't like commitment.


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Originally Posted by Hikaru-chan
I'm sure I read somewere that she used a Fudge color called Pink Flamingo or something like that.

Yep, it was Fudge...but as Marty said, Special Effects Atomic Pink would work.

Miss Marcy

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whichever brand you decide to use, you'll have to bleach the crap out of your hair. not only does the blonde make a good light base color but the dyes adhere better to chemically processed hair. of the list that marty greene posted, i have tried 3-punky color which was a good rich color, manic panic which was an even richer color but a bit messier when you wash it and special effects which didn't work at all. i tried to use atomic pink special effects dye and it turned my hair slightly copper even tho it was bleached to an almost white color. then i used manic panic which worked beautifully.

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