HBC MAC contest and tutorial!!


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Great news for Canadians with HBC Rewards cards! The Bay is holding a MAC contest for $250 worth of goodies! There's also a great quick tutorial by Gordon Espinet for everyone and anyone to view, done exclusively for The Bay's magazine (?), Belle.

I'm reeeaaally hoping to win, but if not, it better fellow Specktra member!


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Originally Posted by Kalico
Thanks for posting this! I hope I win, but good luck to you too! lol

Same!! But i hope someone from Specktra win! It sucks because the contest ends at the end of April! That's so long to wait LOL


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Oh nice!!! Thanks so much!! For once there's a Canadian contest!! It seems like most are held in the states. Yayyy!


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^^ I'm glad you're all entering! And Sabrunka, that's exactly why I had to post it - finally some way for us Canadians to win some free MAC! And the tutorial's great in its simplicity. I hope they post more in the future! I'll msg MAC c.s. about that one. =D

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