Heads up- Fake Lady Gaga coming our way...


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Those counterfeiters work fast! They already have fake Lady Gaga lipsticks for sale on some wholesaling website
Looks like they made all sorts of colors...

MAC LIPSTICK MAC From Our Lips Collection Lady Gaga for Viva Glam_Mac Lipstick_Wholesale Mac Cosmetics,Mac Makeup Wholesale - macmakeupwholesale.com


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Originally Posted by SakurasamaLover
Wow they replicated this one pretty fast.
Box and tube looks real, sadly.

I agree.

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I saw a seller on EBay who has some Gaga & Cyndi l/s for $12.99 and was wondering about them. She also has MAC e/s for $7.99 so I know that is not real!! No one can sell them that low and still cover EBay & PP fees and make money. So I figured the Viva were also fake. Thanks for the heads up!


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Oh my, that is really really sad...though I kinda lol'd at how many shades they had and the "wholesale price" of $5.50.

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