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Hi, my name is Joy and I'm a mac addict. I hate to admit that, I can't wait on my order to arrive in the mail so I can get a free shipping with $45 purchase to justify that. I'm also a "shopaholic" and huge fan of the Sophie Kinsella books.

OH besides mac... I'm a High School teacher who likes to procrastinate and am also married with three children and another addiction to concerts, Sting, and Keith Urban. Yeah, I'm strange.

Now - my newest mac additions arrived today... this week:
Viva Glam IV, Paradisco, Meadow and Swish - I also recently bought Mulch, Greed Lipglass (which unfortunately disappeared
) and sushi flower, and coppering.

Yeah I love eyeshadow. I did get the beau quad from Nordstroms too. OK well thats me.. I have a bunch of shadows I've liked mac for a couple of years but this is the first year I could actually buy much. Love it. I figure its an investment.


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Originally Posted by mac_obsession
Welcome to Specktra Joy!! I hope you enjoy it here!!

Thanks! I'm sure I will - Just looking at all the "pretty pictures" right now.

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