Hello! Great Site.


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I came across this site while I was trying to find images of the new metal x line that's coming out later on this month.
I have to say I have stumbled upon what is going to be my favorite site from now on. =)
I've always been make-up-curious since I was a very young girl and I still carry my love of cosmetics to this day. =)

It's been fun so far looking into different forums, blogs and pictures of other members' stuff and wow, I know I'm not the only makeup fanatic out there. Also, what I once believed (my makeup collection) as an enormous collection now I can come out and say my "humble" collection after looking at some of your stuff. I must say I am impressed.

Firstly I am a makeup fanatic, but I am specifically a MAC addict. Aside from NARS, Hard Candy and some other companies, MAC brings out a plethora of choices of color and especially the abundant choices of glitter, pearlescent products which a lot of companies are too shy (or conservative) to bring out.

I look forward to sharing my obsession with you guys!


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Glad you found us, it's a pleasure to have you on the forum.


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hey there! Welcome to specktra! You'll love it here, everyone is so nice/supportive...I know I do!!

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