Hello to all you beautiful people! :)


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hello there to all the lovely people that read this topic.
i lurked for a day because when i was trying to register with my name i use all the time (notfromthisplanet) there were too may letters in the username. so, i finally decided to just use nftp.

my name is jennifer. most people just call me jenn/jennhippo/ many other weird and random names. i am 21 years old. i currently reside in honolulu, hawaii. i work at a clothing and shoe store. delicious unhealthy foods that are high in calories and clog my ateries, all different types of music, and shopping are just some of my many loves. most importantly, i love getting things on sale. i love makeup because its fun, creative, and in my mind when i wear makeup it makes me think im hotter. i love experimenting with makeup, and i hope to learn more tips and stuff from this forum.

peace babies,
<3 nftp


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Hi Jenn!

Welcome to Specktra!!

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