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Hey guys.... so im kinda bummed... Im a retail manager making about 43 a year... most nights not getting home till eleven... working weekends and holidays and honestly im so sick of getting treated like crap.... by nasty customers (i kno unavoidable in most positions) Higher management... its just wearing on me. (i kno i should be lucky to even have a job and i am) buuuuut im thinking of making a move. My love is skincare... but at the min i dont have the money to finish school due to my mortage payments and living costs..... So any suggestions... what do u guys do... do u love it or loathe it????


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I found all the customer service roles I have been in really tough... even though I'm a people person, after a couple of years I'd just had enough! It did give me some good skills and experience though, so I am happy that I was in them.

In terms of suggestions, first of all, I would think about exactly it is you want to be doing (you mentioned skincare, but is there any specific job you want in relation to that?). Then find out what you need to get there - does it actually require going back to school? If so, are there short courses or long distance (i.e. study at your own pace) classes you can take?

If you do need to go back to school, then it sounds like money is the main barrier to this for you. Overcoming that problem means either increasing your current income, or else decreasing your current expenses. I don't know anything about your current lifestyle, but perhaps you could weigh up whether downsizing your lifestyle (e.g. moving to a smaller place, sharing accommodation, cutting living costs) is worth doing in the short run to go back to school, in order to get where you want to be long term. Again, I don't know much about you, but based on what you have written it sounds as if you aren't comepletely happy where you are.

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