help! going to a posh dinner on friday


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im going to a posh dinner and drinks thing on friday and im not sure how to do my makeup. its at a nice hotel and is for people who have been in the army and their families.
i was thinking of doing a smokey eye and/or red or pink lipstick. im not quite sure!
im wearing high wasted black trousers from river island and a taupe/silver colour halterneck top from topshop. im going to wear the top tucked in.

thanks in advance


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Smokey eye & pink/neutral lip is my war paint when I co host guest cocktail parties here. Can't go wrong with that.


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so i think im going to get electra, silver ring and or night devine, pandamonium to do a smokey silvery look with but im not sure i need all of them. ive already got carbon. and i might do a nude lip with angel l/s and turkish delight l/g or blankety l/s and bonus beat l/g. any ideas?


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i would go with a smokey eye with satin taupe and carbon i would use naked lunch to highlight
on lips i would use angel lipstick with clear lipglass on top


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excellent choice for the eye!i was going to recommend silver myself.
for the lips go for the angel combo and use lots of gloss to look ultraglam!
let us know how u fare!


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Work a dramatic/polished eye and a natural liptone rather than a full nude - a full nude lip can be just as difficult to upkeep as a red lip, and if you're eating and drinking you don't want to fuss over your lipcolour too much.

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