help, im going to b2m today!


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im going to b2m for a l/s today and ive got no idea what to get. to give you an idea of the kind of lipsticks i usually wear a few faves of mine are bombshell, 3n, viva glam v, angel, blankety and id like to try something different. have any of you got must haves that i need to get? tia!


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I like Lovey-Dovey slimshine. It is a nice every-day red.
Or if they still have it look at Port Red from NN. Sci-fi-delity from Sci-Fi is also a nice colour.
Do you want to try something different? It looks like you have a lot of neutrals already


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My favourite lipstick ever is snob. It is a really light baby pink its stunning. I have a few fotds with this on. I think snob would look gorgeous on you.


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Plink! is my new favorite lipstick. im not even in to lipstick but when i saw this i loved it, & now i wear it a lot & am looking into other lipstick colors.

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