Help me decide my monthly haul!


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I've been trying to lower my spending, but I can't go cold turkey so I decided to allocate about $200 every couple of months to makeup, while also selling off a LOT of my excess. (Believe me, this is a huge reduction.)

My next haul is either going to be:
• A face/cheek-only haul of MSFs, beauty powders, bronzers and highlighters from MAC during the Sumo sale (if everything isn't sold out!)
• Several eyeshadow palettes from Kryolan Viva, Ben Nye and Graftobian FantasEyes...these are high-quality, professional, really awesome eyeshadows in all kinds of amazing colors!

So which should it be?
Or should I go halvies and get a little of both?


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Go for the MAC face/cheek haul during the sumo sale, you can always get the eyeshadows at a later time for the same price that they were. Take advantage of the sale so that you can get more with your budget!


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I agree - snag the MAC stuff while you can get it for less, because then you can get MORE for that same 200 bucks!

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