Help me find this necklace!!


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I'm looking for some pretty much identical to this :

I'd just like it to be a little larger (this one is a 1/4 inch). I can't seem to have any luck finding it! I was pretty sure this was a fairly popular style so maybe I'm just not using the right words when searching. Any help would be appreciated. It's going to be coming to me as a late V-Day gift


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Originally Posted by kleigh09
I'm not sure what your budget is, but I found these:

$800 -- Diamond Pav and Bezel-Set Round Pendant in 18k White Gold (3/8 ct. tw.)

$1,325 -- Flamme Blanche Collection♥-♥ Neiman Marcus

$2,495 -- 14k White Gold Bezel Set Diamond Necklace only $2,495.00 - Diamond Necklaces

I searched for bezel-set diamond necklaces. Pave, I believe, is the way the small diamonds form a larger one. I hope that helps!

Ah, thank you! I'll have to search for pave then. I kept trying cluster and was getting all really tacky flower like necklaces.

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