Help needed, want to recreate this look

Dani California

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Hi there!!

I was watching the family tree thing, am in uk, called Who do you think you are? linky here (dunno if allowed to post it, if not please remove it) BBC iPlayer - Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 7: Dervla Kirwan

Anyway, Dervla Kirwan, irish actress, similar hair and skin tone to me looked really lovely in it, I'd love to know what make up she used. If anyone can guess what it may be, that would be great. I think an eyeshadow kinda like amber lights maybe? or the lippy fresh morrocan? it was sort of a very very soft red? Not sure about blush?

Any help most appreiciated.

PS. another pic if needed Dervla Kirwan | Who Do You Think You Are Magazine


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yeah, she looks like she's got a nicely muted matte color on the lid, something like bamboo, soft brown for a little drama at the lashline maybe, blush looks very neutral too, see what sincere looks like on your skin tone, it might work...blush is really hard to match without knowing your coloring....same with lips, but if you're looking for a soft red, fresh moroccan works pretty good...she looks like hers is blotted out quite a bit too...good luck!

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