help!! pleeeease.


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so...basically, i have a really big forehead. and i HATE it. and i think i'd feel alot better if it weren't so abnormal.

i know there's a surgery that alot of men and women get when they start loosing their hair that are like implants..i was wondering if they could alter your hairline doing something similar to that? and if anyone knows where to find more information about it?


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well I just wanna say...that you are too cute and dont need anything done! But thats just my opinion. Anyway I wanted to help you out so heres one article I found...
I dont know if that'll help but its something. Its funny because just the other day my mom was telling me that an older (like in the 1950s or something) Hollywood starlet got something like that done and now its killing me cuz I cant remember who it was! Oh well, anyway, hope that helps a bit!

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