Help...What to wear?


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I'm going to see bullet for my valentine in concert tomorrow but we're going out for drinks afterwards. I dont know what to wear coz im not really a metal/rock chick at heart, just enjoy their music, so dont want to look out of place?!?

I know it seems trivial but would be glad to have some suggestions.


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Wear what you feel comfortable in, it's far more admirable to be yourself than change to fit in. I shouldn't think anyone will sneer at you for not dressing like a "rock chick", and if they do then they are an elitist a-hole.

It's not about what you wear, it's just about enjoying the music


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I agree with Korms I wear whatever I want to wear an I am into metal and rock but I dont dress like all rock chick or whatever I have my own style. No one should bash you just because you have your own style. Good luck


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wear whatever you look and feel good in, seriously
and have fun!
but that's not super useful, so i'll just say that the "rock" look staple is like black skinny jeans, or leggings...and a bunch of accessories aswell. mix and match with prints and colours too. the whole clashing look is edgy and i guess trendy.

but forcing a "look" on yourself can have the opposite effect. you won't necessarily feel like you fit in more cos it's not what you're used to.

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