Help with Ideas on how to elongate my eyes... pic included


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I think my eyes lean more towards being round than almond shape and its hard to try to make my eyes look elongated.

When I try puttin color on my crease it just makes it look more round. Cat eyes are tricky for me, I can never get them

right because the natural shape of my upper lash line points downwards. HELP!

pic of my eyes for reference..

also... any suggestions on what mac colors would look good with my skintone is more than welcome! Thanks guys :)


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take a look at this awesome tutorial that shows you how to cheat the shape of your eye

HTH ^_^


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Hi! I highly recommend you look into this video by Lisa Eldridge.

In this eyelook she is using a pair of Eyelure lashes of the Girls Aloud "Nicola" Edition Lashes, that will help you to create that elongated eye shape.
They are available at (free shipping worldwide).



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^ thanks guys :)

i suck at puttin on fake lashes, but maybe thats what i need to get the look i want lol

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