hey! im so excited that i found this board!


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hey everyone

my name is bekah and i recently found this board last week when i was googling info about working for MAC. i am currently an MA & business manager for smashbox, and have worked for a number of different lines, trish mcevoy, nars, shiseido, and now smashbox. i really love the line but my heart is always been drawn to MAC. i actually have my first interview tomorrow at a MAC store, and even though i am very excited, i am also very nervous! i do some bridal and out sourcing on my own, & i know that if i get the job at MAC that my outside work will grow!

so far this board has been very helpful and i am excited to learn more & more and get to know all of you!

ill have to get some picture of my collection, which is really insane but i love it! but this is me
just for reference!



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Welcome to Specktra!
Glad to have you here on the forum, let us know if we can help.

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