Hilton Head/Bluffton, SC (Tanger Outlet Center)

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Just left the CCO in hilton head. They had lots of stuff like lipsticks and lipglosses, but most of their "good" eyeshadows were out. They still had lots of holiday pallets, skincare stuff, and brushes. One big thing is the adorn pigment. I asked if they had anymore pigments and they said no.

Here's what I left with:
Adorn pigment
Holiday pigments in pinks and coppers
Skinfinish in star
eyeliner in idol eyes


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Okay, so I went yesterday, and let me just that that my impression of this CCO may ave been clouded by a few things: I was pressed for time, tired, sick and cranky. Either this location is heavily trafficked, or it has "teh suck".

Here's what I can remember seeing

  • Every brush set from the past 5 years
  • A few older holiday lip palettes
  • Curiosities pigments
  • Heatherette trios
  • Hyper Real in NW 400, NW 500, and NW either 300 or 200. LOTS of these.
  • Loose blot powder
  • Studios mist foundation
  • Pressed powder
  • Studio Tech
  • Studio moisture
  • Moisture Blend
  • Lots of other skin stuff
  • Gold Spill MSF
  • Light Flush MSF
  • lots of Highlight powders
  • Iridescent pressed powders
  • Skinshimmer
  • Sun Dressing
  • Various and plentiful fragrances
  • EVERY loose beauty powder
  • Jardin Aires, Lovely Lily, Revved Up, Gilded Green, and Viz-a-Violet pigments
  • A decent amount of blushes, most of them are LE or DC'd. Very few perms. X rocks stood out because of the orange compact, LOL
  • Same for the eyeshadows
  • LOTS of LE/DC'd lippies. I saw all of the N Collection, and C-Shock, some in the blue packaging ( was that Moonbathe?). Very few perm Items, but I could be wrong. I DID notice Twig-Twig.... everyone seems to be on the lookout for that.
  • Small selection of lipglasses/laquers/lusterglasses, and the double ended ones, (I forget what they're called... is it pro-longwear?). Some perm items, but it was mostly McQueen, Naughty Nauticals and other LE's too numerous for me to know about, LOL
  • a few lipglass x3 sets

  • very few brushes
I wasn't really checking for other brands, but I did want a Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmerbrick, but no such luck. The only shimmerbricks left were Brownie and Apricot. There were lots of her duos and brow sets.

I'll supply the details of my haul in another thread when I get back to Atlanta tomorrow. I don't haul like you ladies do (usually an item or two items at the time and infrequently), but I have a multi merchant spree from this week that will keep me satified clear through next summer, I'm sure. Hope this helps someone!


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No one has been here lately except me? I was lucky enough to get there because my family went on vacation to Hilton Head. This was just 2 days ago, so this should still be pretty accurate. Here's what I remember them having:

Blankety l/s
all 3 FAFI l/s (Strawbaby, Not So Innocent...and I forget...)
+a bunch more I don't remember...though if you mention a name I can probably dredge my brain to see if I remember seeing it

a LOT of palettes, colour forms 3 ___ lips palettes, and the LE eye/lip palettes with the jewels on them
Colour Forms 5 Basic Brushes
Heirlooms 5 Basic Brushes/5 Eye Brush set
Viva Glam palette
Heatherette Trio (2?)
Quads: Shadowy Lady, Tempting

Signed, Sealed
Femme Noir
Warming Trend
there were a lot more

Secret Blush BPB
+a bunch more I don't remember...though if you mention a name I can probably dredge my brain to see if I remember seeing it

So Ceylon
Light Flush (I think)

Sugar shock
lust is lush

holiday glitter/pigment set--I think the latest one...

set of glitter liners?


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I went to this CCO during Labor Day weekend. It was ok. What made this CCO worth the trip was its blush collection (had lots of blushes), brush selection (Lots of blushes, including lots of old brushes with the old style numbers on them), and some older products (like the eyebrow kits that had an eyeshadow and a highlight color in it. I don' remember when these came out but it was a long time ago).
They had a decent selection of single eyeshadows and foundations.

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