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Holiday 2008 Brush Set - 4 Face Brushes

Kiss and Makeup

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Overall Rating: 5
Price [Value]: 5
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? Yes!!

My event somehow had the bags/sets for sale, and I couldn't resist the face brushes. Pictures are available on my haul post. These are my first MAC face brushes, and I couldn't be happier. The kit came with four brushes: 168, 187, 190, and 194. I have dupes of all these brushes, but they're either Sephora brand or other off-brands. All brushes are SE. The set comes well packaged - each brush is individually wrapped. The large bag comes with a smaller bag so you can put the brushes in there, and other makeup in the bigger bag, so your brushes won't get ruined or your main bag won't get messy. The box is shiny red and screams what collection it's from. I couldn't bring myelf to throw away the boxes!

168, Large Angle Contour Brush - The head of this brush is smaller than the one I already had, which I like. Because of the way my face is shaped, if I use my contour brush with the wider bristles, it looks less controlled. I love how this brush is small enough for me to use but it's big enough to do the job without my cheeks looking streaked.

187, Duo Fibre Brush - HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THIS?! I have the Coastal Scents dupe, which is nowhere near the quality of this brush. I've stopped using that brush all together and I can't see myself using it ever again. The bristles are much denser than the CS brush and it picks up color much better.

190, Foundation brush - This does not compare to my (new) Sephora brush. The bristles of this brush are much stiffer, it applies cover evenly, and I don't find myself having to go back and do touch-ups. I've used this twice without cleaning to test something. My Sephora brush (and other brushes) bristles have separated over time; I'd have to wash them EACH time to try to keep them from doing that, and this one hasn't done that so far. It's like each bristle gets greasy with foundation residue and separates from all the other ones. This one hasn't done it so far.

194, Concealer brush - The brush doesn't pick up too much product, so I don't have to worry about going and blending with another brush or my finger. Because I'm klutzy, I've poked myself in the eye with it a few times, and the bristles are really soft.

My complaints are small. I feel like the bag clashes - dark red satin with bright red vinyl - and the handles feel more like wood than my other MAC brush handles. I wish the Foundation brush was a little bigger, but I can live with that. These are great starter brushes, or if you don't want to (or can't) afford to buy all the full sized brushes at once.