Homemade LiquiSet/eyeliner medium/glitter glue?


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I recently bought a lot of glitter (A LOT. I'm gonna have some pics up in Hauls when my package comes!). I don't want to wear it loose, and don't really want to wear it around my eyes, but I do need a mixing medium for it that'll keep glitter in place.

I know there are a lot of recipes for regular mixing medium around, but I think I need something thicker. I haven't tried Ben Nye glitter glue or LiquiSet yet but I'm holding off on buying it because I've shopped too much lately. I was wondering if there was a homemade alternative that would be strong/thick enough to hold glitter onto my face.


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I use all of the MAC Mixing Mediums as well as ben nye glitter glue (which works wonderfully).

Theres a few threads around here about making your own mediums, I think


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Hmm...I can't find anything on the net regarding what I'm about to suggest...and since I've never made my own MM, I don't know that it would work, but what if you added a bit more glycerin than usual? Would that thicken it up enough?

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