How do you hold your makeup brushes?


Makeup brushes play a very important role in our daily life.
We use them in for every single day to make us charming and confident whenever in the working office or at home.
How to put them in the right place? Here's some of the makeup brush holders in the following picture.

brush holder.jpg

brush holder2.jpg

brush holder3.jpg
Brushes holder can be a good decoration for your house sometimes when you have your mind in it.
Welcome to share creative makeup brush holders you seen or you had.


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I just use pencil holders. One for eye and lip brushes, the other for face brushes. I also have a third for dirty brushes.


It's a good idea that u just put your brushes in different holders to keep them clean and in good order.
I sometimes DIY holders when I was in good mood.
Take this for example

brush holder4.jpg

Sometimes, I may buy purchase some from website or in store.

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Since they have different usage.
The former one can hold brushes in different size.
The later one can be used as dry holder, especially after you cleaning your brushes.
Love them so much:)
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Collecting brush holder is also one of my hobbies. I have varies of brush holders in my cosmetic room.
I bought one from site shop similar with the one mentioned serval days ago. It's convenient for me to dry my brushes and I’m really in favor of it. I got them from Amazon Got them with cheap price for I applied a coupon code for the item. Want to get more brushes and brush holders to make me more beautiful and hold my brushes.
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I have a pair of these to hold some of my brushes on my vanity. nate-berkus-target-spring-2015.png
The gold Nate Berkus desk organizers. I also keep my personal everyday brushes in an Kate Spade old fashioned glass etched with the word mine. I got that from a clearance table at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have a few other brushes stores in Cozzette vessels. I have a lot of brushes especially blending/crease brushes. The remaining overflow I keep in an IKEA makeup bag that happens to be large enough to contain them.
oh wow,i never find my brushes on time, whenever i need them, this is an interesting thing and kind of a different hobby of collecting makeup brushes. i like it :)

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