How I store my accessories, everything found at local thrift stores ++++ pic heavy +++++


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How I store my accessories, everything found at local thrift stores ++++ pic heavy +++++

Not sure if this is where i post this but here goes:

Everything I bought at local thrift stores, I LOVE thrift stores you can find so much good stuff!! This is how I organize my perfume, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets..enojy!

Bought this gold tray for $3 and I have this sitting on top of my dresser:

I have no idea what this is but I thought it would be perfect for the bracelets it was $1.50

This is a tie rack, all i did was add ribbon so you couldn't see the hook and voila! This was only $1.00

I had posted this before but all it is, is a small cardboard box (i was able to get this free at a store here, it held rings)

I bought this frame for $1.00 and used some left over mesh from a halloween costume and glued it to the back.


I love your ideas for accessories storage! I've been thinking about getting a earring holder but I love your idea! And with your red walls in the picture it almost looks like the earrings are on the wall not the mesh lol I love it great collection


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So creative.. I realllllly need to hit up thrift stores..

Thanks for sharing


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I love thrifting. Very nice earring frame, I agree with an above poster that it does look like the earrings are on the wall instead of on mesh.


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i think the thing you use for ur bracelets might be an upside down candle holder! i sooo want a tray for my dresser now

maclovin baby

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I totally agree with you about the thrift stores,i just recently got a wall mounted light up mirror for a pretty decent price.


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Very nice! I've been trying to organize a bit more lately and think I might just have to make my own earring frame ^_^

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