How long do SE Brushes last for?


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I would like to know as well as i bought my 187 SE in the royal Assets collection last year and when i washed it two days ago the black ink came out more than usual and now the white tips are drying black with this ink!! I've washed it with baby shampoo twice and even the MAC Brush cleaner but it's still drying like that!!

I think it's time to buy the long handled 187.


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I've got three SE sets now, one from 2004, 2006 and one from this year (seeing a 2 yearly pattern here lol) and I haven't had problems with any of mine shedding. I know they're not quite as good as regular Mac brushes but I've never had issues with mine.


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How about as long as it takes you to burn them? Seriously.

I will never purchase another SE in my life (except lip brushes). I started out with full sized brushes and then bought a Holiday set and really wished I hadnt. It was a SERIOUS downgrade to what I owned with the full handled brushes, from shedding to splaying I just hate them. I have several full sized brushes including Dcd ones that are still in excellent useable condition. The same cannot be said for my SEs


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^^Yup, not worth it to keep buying SE..just get yourself some full sized at a time..ITS WORTH IT!!


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There are better brushes out there for the same money or less. If you ask me, MAC SE brush sets are overpriced for what you get compared to what else is available in the world.

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