How the Reviews Forum Works


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When posting a review, please follow the guidelines below to help making the forum easy to understand for everyone.

For the subject line, please use this format:
Brand: Product- color (type of product)
ex. Quote:
L'Oreal: Color Juice (lipcolor)

or Quote:
Max Factor: LipFinity- Wicked (lipcolor)

For the content, please use this format:
Overall Rating: 1 (worst)- 5 (best)
Price [Value]: 1 (poor price/usefullness ratio)- 5 (best price/usefullness ratio)
Packaging Quality: 1 (worst)- 5 (best)
Would you buy this product again? Yes/No

General Comments on this product:

Please refrain from crosstalk within the reviews forum. All posts which are not reviews will be removed. This means that if you have a question regarding a product, do not post it to the reviews forum, it will NOT be validated to be posted. Please post general discussion and/or questions regarding a product in the appropriate discussion forums (MAC chat, General Makeup, Skin and Body care, etc.)