How to blend Angelina Jolie and J Lo's styles?


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Is there a way to pull the best bits and pieces from two completely different looks? I LOVE Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez's looks even though they are completely different.

How would you reccomend blending the two? Actual product recs would be greatly appreciated. I am partial to MAC and NARS.

Thank you soo much.


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From Jennifer Lopez, I would definitely take her clean, glowy, bronze skin. To accomplish this, I would start with a really sheer foundation for a fresh, clean look applied with MAC's 190 Foundation Brush. Then I would use a gel stick blush instead of a cream or powder blush. I'm really excited to buy Stila's Color Push Ups at Sephora, they look so fresh and give a naturally flushed glow. I would then go over the gel blush with a light dusting of powder bronzer... While I haven't bought it -YET- I hear that NARS' bronzer in Laguna is fab! Be sure to also brush the bronzer over areas where the sun naturally hits your face - ie. nose, chin, temples, etc.

I also like the way she does her eyes, as she uses mostly neutrals to tie in nicely with her fresh, natural skin. I would do a pearly/shimmery base colour like MAC's Nylon or Shroom eyeshadow all over. Deckchair pigment would look nice too. I would also dot some highlight colour on the inner corners of the eyes as well. Then I would take a shimmery medium brown colour like MAC's Sable, Antiqued or Mulch in the crease and outer third. I would also use some of this colour to softly line the lower lashline. For eyeliner, I would go with a dark brown colour, like MAC's Dipdown Fluidline to line the top and bottom lashes. A nude eye pencil to line the lower rims of the eye is an optional step, but helps to really open up the eye. Black mascara and you're done!

And of course, it's all about the LIPS for Angelina Jolie! Because her lips are already perfect (damn her!), she usually doesn't do too much to them and keeps everything really sheer. I would take a neutral lipliner like MAC's Spice or Subculture to line the lips, slightly outside the natural lipline for the illusion of volume - it is, after all, Angelina Jolie...
Be careful not to go too far outside your natural lipline or it'll look really fake. Then fill in with a peachy or pinkish lipstick like MAC's Viva Glam V, which is a Lustre so it would nice and sheer. If you still want fuller looking lips, take some lipstick a few shades lighter and apply to the centre of the lips only. Finish with a light application of sheer gloss.

Damn, now I want to try this look tonight!


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You rock!!

Wow!! Thank you. That breakdown was absolutely incredible. I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and that look is going to be perfect!

Thank you again!


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From Jennifer Lopez, I would definitely take her clean, glowy, bronze skin.

I would also dot some highlight colour on the inner corners of the eyes as well.

I agree 100%. The golden tones and the highlight in the inner corner of the eyes are what stand out most to me when i look at her makeup. Her eyes always look very clean and when you look closely, you can see they've used a nude liner on the lower rim. Also her use of bronzer and highlight always looks great. I would also reccommend NARS laguna, have heard rave reviews about it.
There's 2 looks i've seen on jlo that i love, one being the time she wore that beautiful orange dress, she looks so bronzed and clean, its gorgeous:

And also the time she wore that mint green dress that Jackie Onassis wore, her makeup is very fresh and she uses alot of mint and pearly whites on her eyes. Also she has really spidery lashes which contrast against the light e/s, its really beautiful. (haha check out her expression)

Angelina has the best eyelids, which i know sounds weird but i think they look so beautiful! I love her eyeliner in this photo:
And like Jeanna said, she has perfect lips so they MA hardly do anything with them! I would def use a nude l/s and gloss, or if you too have good lips, then just the gloss and maybe a l/l. I agree w/ Jeanna on using the lighter shade of l/s in the centre of the lips, that creates the illusion of bigger lips, just a little hard to maintain throughout the day of the wedding!
Make sure u post some photos of the wedding day, i'd love to see how it turned out!
- ballerino

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