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How to fill in your brows - Making them look 'natural'


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I loved this brow tutorial!! I don't wear a lot of makeup most days so filling in brows naturally was a challenge for me. I can't wait to try this!


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The shape on your eyebrow can enhance your facial features. Here are some ways to properly fill in eyebrows.
1.Know where to start applying. The start of your inner brow must be align to the edge of your nostrils. Measure this using your eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush.
2. Know the end of your eyebrow. Using your eyebrow pencil or brush, hold the other end to the end of your nostrils and connect the other end to the outside corner of your eye. The extensions of this is the end of your eyenbrow.
3. Using an eyebrow brush or pencil, create an arch from your inner brow to the edge. Apply thin line/arch first, then slowly going thicker until you achieve the desired shape.
4. Remove excess hair.


Thank you!!! I've always been a little nervous about doing my brows. Some people can do the over drawn thing and it looks fantastic but I'm not one of them. For sure going to give this a try.

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