How to get slick back hair?

Indian Barbie

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I really want to recreate this style with my hair:



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do u have natually straight hair? if u do what i would do is maybe wash ur hair and then put gel in it and slick it back and when it dries put a serum in it to make it shine


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i agree with the above but i would use your products cautiously... this picture should be reason enough. haha


comb marks are not cute... but i really love leona's version.


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I heard models put shaving cream in their hair for photo shoots to make it look really shiny... Probably something you wouldn't do for everyday styling =p


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I found this link, a hair stylist recreated a similar look and used the following products... How to: slicked back hair

It sounds like a lot of work!! you might need a helping hand or it will probably take you hours. Also a pomade will add some shine without being greasy, joico pomade is a good one and its about $10 for a good sized jar.